01 / Client: Live in Luxury Real Estate, a high-end real estate firm based out of the Millennium Tower in the Downtown Crossing neighborhood of Boston, MA.

02 / Scope: SCBD helped Live in Luxury with a complete rebrand: logo design, website design, brand and style guide, typography and color palette, marketing and print collateral design. 

03 / Challenge: Live in Luxury Real Estate, a real estate team of two female agents Pamela Cushing and Haley Cutter, needed help updating their brand to reflect the very high-end nature of their clientele and the properties that they sell, stage, and rent. The duo was looking to cultivate a Channel-inspired chic vibe to match the luxury properties that they service across Boston.


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RGB  26  29  31 
HEX  #1a1c1e


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CMYK  39  46  89  16   
RGB  148  120  57
HEX  #947839


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RGB  215  173  70
HEX  #d7ad46


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RGB  208  209  211 
HEX  #d0d1d3


Through the discovery phase, I learned more about Live in Luxury’s clients and the impressive properties that they service. It became clear that the firm’s expertise and client-centric approach were important to communicate. Pamela and Haley shared that every time they stage a property for sale, they find a place in the kitchen to display their good luck charm: an elephant figurine named “Elly”. The elephant represents to them strength, wisdom, and prosperity. I loved this little detail and knew we were onto something good.


Based on what I’d learned, I went to work developing a logo with multiple iterations to ensure that their brand had maximum flexibility. Inspired by their elephant charm, I decided to integrate it into their new identity.

The result was a subtle, geometric elephant icon embedded within a crest-like shape. We decided that classic serif fonts paired with a clean, simple san-serif reflected the elegance of their brand, while still giving a sense of modern flair. To reinforce the exclusive nature of Live in Luxury’s brand, we established a timeless, simple and classy color palette: black, white, and gold.


Once the logo was finalized, we moved onto the design of a full set of collateral including business cards (embossed with gold foil), postcards, letterhead, a social media kit, and a brand style guide (to ensure brand consistency). And to top it all off, we created a website that reflects the brand with a clean, simple navigation and use of the brand colors, fonts, and logo.



"Working with Sarah has exceeded our expectations for a branding partner. In under a year, she helped us with a total rebrand for our boutique real estate firm with complete design concept that reflected our unique values and industry approach. Sarah took careful consideration of our needs and was flexible with changes to our vision that happened throughout the process. Delivering innovative and fresh design concepts ahead of schedule is something we experienced with every project, from the early stages of our rebrand to intricate website designs and final marketing materials. Most of all, Sarah was a committed partner who has contributed to our company's success in a profound way."


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