Before we talk process, I think it’s important to share a little bit about what I have come to learn, practice, and preach as a creative professional.

01    You can’t take the art out of an art kid (#livingproof), and building brands is an art.

02    Your brand is your most valuable asset—and it deserves to look good.

03    If you want designs that are all YOU, you need a designer who gets to know you.

04    The best designs not only look incredible, they also tell a story.

05    Your brand visuals can (and should!) be hard at work for you every damn day.

06    If you can dream it, I can design it. 


"This is how we do it."






When you first contact SCBD about your branding or design project, I’ll arrange a phone meeting to learn more about your needs. We’ll talk design hopes and dreams, we’ll talk timeline—we’ll jump-start the creative process as I gather information about who you are and where you want your organization to go. Based on our conversation, I’ll share a customized project proposal for your review.




Once you are ready to move forward with our work together, you’ll return a signed contract and a 50% deposit. From there we’ll develop a schedule that identifies key milestones, deadlines, design reviews, and the payment structure for the remainder of the project. At this point, I suggest you drop everything and do a little happy dance since you just made a majorly smart investment in your brand. Go ahead, dance it out—I’ll wait. 




I believe that the path to bold branding and incredible design always begins with you. During this phase, you’ll be letting me inside the world of your brand as I take the time to understand what you’re all about. Together, we’ll explore what makes your brand tick and what you’re hoping to communicate with your visual brand identity. Through this process, I can uncover the little details that take a project from great to phenomenal. And you better believe we aren’t stopping until we get to phenomenal.




This is the part when I unleash my artistic beast and get to work. Go ahead: imagine an inspirational montage of me sitting at my computer, doing research, drinking a few double lattes, pitching ideas to my bulldog Ellie, and then hustling at the computer until the magical moment when I hit “save”. It’s basically like that. But seriously, this is where I focus on transforming all the ideas we’ve discussed into impactful visuals that connect people to your brand. Every design choice I make is intentional and reflects your unique identity in a fresh, memorable way. At the end of this phase, I’ll present you with something thoughtful and original to review. 





Since you know your brand the best, your feedback is of the utmost importance in developing a design that resonates with you and your audiences. At this stage, you’ll spend some time reflecting on what I’ve shared and offering suggestions for refinement. (If you aren’t sure how to communicate what you’re thinking, don’t stress. Check out my FAQ page for tips on offering effective design input. I’ll listen to what you have to say, then adjust and perfect your design(s) until we have fully captured your vision.




This is the part when everything comes together and we start clinking glasses to celebrate a job well done. Once approved, I will package up the final artwork files for your design(s) and deliver them to you and/or your print vendor of choice. I’m also able to coordinate the print and production process for you if you choose.


If we’ve worked on your website, this is the moment when we hit the publish button and make it live for all to see. If we’ve developed a brochure, this is the time we send it to print. Regardless of the project format, the thing to know is that this is the exciting part! It’s the best feeling knowing that my work has helped your brand move forward confidently and professionally, sharing your story with the world.



"what's the value in working with SCBD?"

Of course, I’m a little biased, but I’d say the value is actually pretty incredible. Scroll down to see why I might be the branding and design expert you've been looking for.




Stand out in the crowd. 


One to remember.

If you really want to invest in growing your business, people need to know who you are and what you stand for. Your materials need to look professional and polished and have resonance with your brand. Expertly designed logos, materials, and signage by SCBD turn heads. Trust me.  



A personal approach.

Of course, your wedding or event is a big day for you, but developing gorgeous, totally personal invitations, signage, and more makes the day just as special for your guests. SCBD’s event design packages can take you all the way from “save the date” to the last dance looking totally chic.



A fellow trailblazer.

At an agency, you might meet with a principal designer you love and then end up being handed off to someone entirely different for the duration of your project. At SCBD you get me every step of the way. As an artist, I treat every project as a blank canvas and a new creative challenge. I take the time to get to know my clients and their brands, incorporating that deep understanding into every design I develop. When you work with SCBD, you get my full attention from kickoff to launch.



Extension of your team.

Simply put: I get you because I am you. Whether a small or large, your organization is committed to blazing new paths in your industry and ready to invest in what it takes to make it happen. As an independent business owner, I’ve gone through the branding process with my own company and I know what’s important and where to focus our attention. Oh, and to all you out there wanting to take your weddings and bachelorettes to the next level with design—I see you. I can’t wait to take your wedding design from ordinary to extraordinary and help you and your guests make some serious memories


A powerful network.

Hiring full time marketing staff is a big expense. Even organizations with in-house marketing teams may not be equipped to handle the full range of branding and design needs, due to lack of time or specialization. SCBD can help by being your go-to resource for design assistance. Just think of me as an extension of your team. 


In my work, I’ve collaborated with the best of the best. Because of my powerful network, I’m able to connect us with the right creative professional to solve your problem and help us fulfill your every need. From web developers, WordPress experts, UI/UX designers, and SEO strategists to print houses, apparel vendors, copywriters, and social media experts—I know the perfect guy or gal for the job!


Let's connect & collaborate.

Monday through Friday

8:30AM to 5:30PM 






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